The Dress Is White & Gold

Or so I believed. Emphatically. Without a hint of doubt. I work at a print and production company, one that uses a wide variety of large format printers with a smorgasbord of substrates, every single day.  We have color theory experts that create profiles for our Adobe programs, for our servers, for our RIP stations, and anything else they can… Read more →

It’s Alive!!!!

How goes it, folks? It’s been a very, very  long time since I’ve posted anything of any sort online. Yet, it sort of feels like yesterday when I last did… How is it a year can pass and it feels as if I’ve stood in line at a grocery store for longer spans? Another thing to note? Every time I… Read more →

Confident Deferral

FEB 6 – FEB 12 2011 — CONFIDENT DEFERRAL — ISSUE 192 Things that don’t make good shovels: tablespoons, iPods, ice scrapers, empty dvd cases, old cds, TMNT action figures with arm-sling action, your left shoe, pillow cases, or bare hands. Things that do make good shovels: shovels. And that, ladies and gents, is where I went wrong; not having… Read more →

RtD wk5: Epitaphs

JAN 30 – FEB 5 2011 —  RtD wk5: EPITAPHS — ISSUE 191 Being in Sturgis all weekend, we obviously didn’t hear about the upcoming weather. Since I’ve been home, however, it’s all I keep hearing about. “Storm of the century! Storm of the millennial! Snowpocalypse continues!” So what does this Snowmageddon potentially bring us? 12-16 inches and some freezing… Read more →

RtD wk4: Soul Guard

JAN 23 – JAN 29 2011 — RtD wk4: SOUL GUARD — ISSUE 190 A few days ago, I discovered  my car had been encased in a block of ice. (Either that or someone replaced my car windows with that bizarre frosted bathroom glass as an early April Fool’s Joke). As I chiseled and chiseled and chiseled and chiseled and… Read more →