The Latest News ‘N Stuff

It’s Alive!!!!

How goes it, folks? It’s been a very, very¬† long time since I’ve posted anything of any sort online. Yet, it sort of feels like yesterday when I last did… How is it a year can pass and it feels as if I’ve stood in line at a grocery store for longer spans? Another thing to note? Every time I… Read more →

SFC, 72 Hour Weeks & A Move

Updates, updates, updates. This is the part I failed terribly at with my last site, so in an attempt at repentance, here’s the latest art news in my life. For the past month I’ve been working at a graphic design firm in downtown Toledo called SFC. It’s a company with a fortune 500 client list, and I’d consider it the… Read more →

Custom Sketch-Board Survey

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Ever had a sketch board? (Also known as an art board, portable art pad, or White Slab on the street) Ever wondered what it would be like if you could put your own artwork right on it? Regardless of whether the idea has ever crossed your mind, some obvious complications probably dissuaded you from ever attempting it.… Read more →

Fully Loaded-er

Um… what can I say? I put more stuff on the site, and so now it’s more loaded than before. Were the new postings essential? No, but I wanted to put ’em up, I felt they’d be beneficial, I had the space, and so I did it. Then I realized it made my last title a lie, so this is… Read more →

Fully Loaded

It’s finished. Temporarily. (You know, since it’s a temp site and all.) The final two pages have been filled to the breaking point with samples and are ready for viewing. And by “breaking point” I mean “barely have anything on them.” Nah, that’s not entirely true. It’s worth checking out and provides quick access to the other sites I have… Read more →

Heating Up

I’d say there’s a good 93% of what I’m putting up for now, fully viewable on the site as of 4:00 PM. The last two pages will be up soon, so don’t get yer skintight jeans in a bunch. (Not that they could, there’s not enough material to breath in let alone bunch up.) There are a lot of things… Read more →