Old School

The Last Post On Old Site

December 2006 December 23rd, Christmas Eve eve, and a momentous occasion since I’ve now just posted twice in one month; a feat accomplished rarely in the entire history of my site. I better cut back or you guys might think this is normal and expect it from now on. This one’s short, though, so maybe that will deter you. I… Read more →

I Say

December 2006 Ha! It’s December 3rd which means I beat my last gap between postings by roughly three months. Take that paralyzing indifference! But, no time for ranting, on to the news. I added a new section to the ART PAGE complete with a slew of new material. I have put up a bunch of the T-shirt designs I’ve done… Read more →

1 Year Later

March 2006 Wow. It’s been about two weeks short of a year since I last wrote anything on here. That’s pretty sad. ‘Course, what’s even more sad is the fact that I don’t have much new to report. However, the site did get a face-lift, so that’s something, right? In case you missed it, the entire home page is now… Read more →

4 Month Gap

March 2005 Miss me? It’s only been what, four months since I last posted on here? Hopefully, it’ll have been worth the wait, even if it means I’ll have to type your eyes off for the next few minutes. (Get it? Instead of talk your ear off I said…ah forget it. If you didn’t get it, explaining it just makes… Read more →


November 10th, 2004 OK, no time for introductions this month because there is way too much to talk about. I’ve done some major upgrades to the site that will hopefully benefit you as you navigate around. I did my best to speed up the graphics loading process, since this site is so heavy in them. Also, there’s an entirely new… Read more →

The Cursed

October 3rd, 2004 Well, it’s that time again. Another ramble, more updates, and the chance to get a glimpse at the man behind this amazing site. Right, well, it sounded good in my head at least. Moving on… As you may have noticed, when you first open the site, a new “help” page displays. I found out some people were… Read more →