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Miracle Gro

JAN 31 – FEB 6 2010 — MIRACLE GRO — ISSUE 139 The Winter Retreat 2010 is in the bag. Two and a half days with 180 different games, non-stop snacking, no sleep, and a video of three white boys doing the funkiest dance I’ve ever seen made it yet another great year. Thanks to everyone who made it out.… Read more →

Fully Loaded-er

Um… what can I say? I put more stuff on the site, and so now it’s more loaded than before. Were the new postings essential? No, but I wanted to put ’em up, I felt they’d be beneficial, I had the space, and so I did it. Then I realized it made my last title a lie, so this is… Read more →

Fully Loaded

It’s finished. Temporarily. (You know, since it’s a temp site and all.) The final two pages have been filled to the breaking point with samples and are ready for viewing. And by “breaking point” I mean “barely have anything on them.” Nah, that’s not entirely true. It’s worth checking out and provides quick access to the other sites I have… Read more →


JAN 17 – JAN 23 2010 – HANGOVER – ISSUE 137 No, I’m not talking about the movie Hangover, nor am I suggesting that right now I’m experiencing one. Can you imagine the emails I’d get if that were the case? “Hey, everyone, I’m hungover this morning, sorry if the ‘C is a little incoherent.” I wonder who would call,… Read more →

E-Mail Forwards: UnChristian?

The following is an excerpt taken from an email I sent in response to a false forward regarding a national retailer designed to tear them down and to create a boycott on buying from them. Email forwards flood all of our in-boxes, and though some provide good laughs and occasionally give you some solid advice, the majority are “anti-something”, mentioning… Read more →