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Feats of February 4: Brainiacs

FEB 28 – MAR 6 2010 — FOF 4: BRAINIACS — ISSUE 143 Last week was all about spontaneous serving of others via scraping and shoveling snow. God blessed the idea with a few thousand gallons of it. (Thanks, God) Then at Bible Talk the opening thought was to have everyone there tell about a time when a person did… Read more →

Feats of February 2: Love Letter

FEB 14 – FEB 20 2010 — FOF 2: LOVE LETTER — ISSUE 141 Valentine’s Day: some people love it, some people hate it, and some people won’t even realize they missed it. For me the holiday once more brought a tradition I find quite amusing, but am still slightly baffled about. Every year on Valentine’s Day couples come into… Read more →