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Eternal Fools

MAR 28 – APR 3 2010 – ETERNAL FOOLS – ISSUE 147 Health care is undergoing a massive overhaul, two five seeds are crashing the Final Four, and I witnessed only the second major breakdown of Nick’s car, which has over 288,000 miles on it, all in one week. I was going to make a joke about the correlation between… Read more →

Facts Are Facts

MAR 21 – MAR 27 2010 — FACTS ARE FACTS — ISSUE 146 Word has it this has been an incredible March Madness tourney, and normally I’d be in the thick of it to help confirm those claims. Right now, as most of you know, I’m a tad busy, so I have to live off small snippets and comments I’m… Read more →

Numero Uno

MAR 14 – MAR 20 2010 – NUMERO UNO – ISSUE 145 See what happens when you steal an hour of my sleep just to save billions of dollars in power bills? I start speaking other languages and claiming I can time travel. (Think about it, I went from 2:00 to 3:00 in the blink of an eye — that’s… Read more →

SFC, 72 Hour Weeks & A Move

Updates, updates, updates. This is the part I failed terribly at with my last site, so in an attempt at repentance, here’s the latest art news in my life. For the past month I’ve been working at a graphic design firm in downtown Toledo called SFC. It’s a company with a fortune 500 client list, and I’d consider it the… Read more →


MAR 7 – MAR 13 2010 — IDLE — ISSUE 144 On my way to work tonight I saw something I can only describe as bizarrely hilarious. As I drove by one of the many plaza’s along Monroe St., I saw out by the curb, sitting on a rock, a teenager. This was strange enough by itself, but he wasn’t… Read more →

Custom Sketch-Board Survey

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Ever had a sketch board? (Also known as an art board, portable art pad, or White Slab on the street) Ever wondered what it would be like if you could put your own artwork right on it? Regardless of whether the idea has ever crossed your mind, some obvious complications probably dissuaded you from ever attempting it.… Read more →