Monthly Archives: April 2010

F Is For Fellowship

APR 25 – MAY 1 2010 — F IS FOR FELLOWSHIP — ISSUE 151 Before leaving for the Singles event in Columbus Saturday afternoon, we had only one rule: be back in time for service in Toledo. If some of us seemed happy but had very slow reflexes, a half-dazed look on our face, and merely grunted our responses to… Read more →

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers. PERIOD.

APR 18 – APR 24 2010 — PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS. PERIOD — ISSUE 150 Every so often messages given by Ryan or communion thoughts given by one of the brothers touch on the very subject I was planning on discussing in the ‘C. I had written this yesterday, and had to chuckle during Ryan’s message today as he hit on… Read more →

The Grace Of A Father

APR 11 – APR 17 2010 — THE GRACE OF A FATHER — ISSUE 149 It’s official, I’m getting old. Today while doing laundry, (Yes, men can do laundry if needed. Just don’t ask me if I separated colors…) I watched some of the Masters. That’s The Masters, as in golf. As in, the sport usually only middle-to-old-aged men watch… Read more →

The Big Hunt

APR 4 – APR 10 2010 — THE BIG HUNT — ISSUE 148 Yesterday it was perfectly legal to bury candy in your backyard, make your kids spend long hours in the sun looking for it and digging it up, and then limiting their candy-intake to three pieces while you consumed 10lbs of it. Isn’t this place great? Do you… Read more →