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Your Memorial

MAY 30 – JUN 5 2010 — YOUR MEMORIAL — ISSUE 156 I thought holidays were supposed to be leave you revived and ahead of schedule? Then again, I usually have to work holidays, so maybe I just don’t know how to use them. Honestly, things are a bit of a mess right now, so bear with me this week.… Read more →

Go Green p2

MAY 23 – MAY 29 2010 — GO GREEN part two — ISSUE 155 Last week I talked about environmental topics and failed to even mention that right now there are a gazillion gallons of oil being pumped into the ocean, and after 33 days we still can’t figure out how to stop it. Does anyone else wonder if they… Read more →

Go Green p1

MAY 16 – MAY 22 2010 — GO GREEN p1 — ISSUE 154 Yesterday, while working at the Mud Hens game, a few of us volunteered to head over to another stand because they were shorthanded and we could spare the manpower. This marked the first time, to my recollection (which isn’t that good, my mother corrected me about how… Read more →

It’s Not The Kiss

MAY 9 – MAY 15 2010 — IT’S NOT THE KISS —  ISSUE 153 Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I realize it was yesterday, but do to a weird firewall, Mac-to-PC issue, I didn’t have internet access to get this out. Ah, the joys of computers and the never-ending curve balls they throw our way. We… Read more →


MAY 2 – MAY 8 2010 — COMPLETE — ISSUE 152 Get out your merit badges and get ready to pin them on me. This weekend I spent almost ten hours at Rob and Shari’s surrounded by food, and yet was still able to eat the next day. Maybe my will power has gotten better since my last party at… Read more →