Monthly Archives: June 2010

Your Cost

JUN 27 – JUL  3 2010 — YOUR COST — ISSUE 160 Three second place finishes in four events isn’t what our Singles Ministry hoped for at this year’s Family Olympics. But the one event we finished first in is worth all the bragging rights we need — tug of war. Beating the married men with just single brothers brought… Read more →

Enjoy It

JUN 20 – 26 2010 — ENJOY IT — ISSUE 159 June, June, June… Where did you go? Like ice at the Mud Hen’s game last night, time is vanishing right before our eyes. So, in an effort to give you more time in your day, allow me to jump right into the meat this week. Despite Jesus saying He… Read more →

All For Love

JUN 13 – 19 2010 — ALL FOUR LOVE — ISSUE 158 Yesterday, while sanding down walls at Laura’s new house, I discovered some things about sanding drywall. Number one, if you’re going to wear a respirator (which you should, I didn’t at first and ended up having some green flecks in my snot when I blew my nose), make… Read more →


JUN 6 – 12 2010 — TESTED — ISSUE 157 You could say what I’m about to write is a ripoff… OR (emphasis on or) you could just call it “very accurate paraphrasing.” At the men’s retreat this weekend, besides having an enormous carrot war, (don’t ask) we had some great challenges given to us. Sundays challenge came from Luke… Read more →