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Two Approaches, One Answer

JUL 25 – JUL 31 2010 — TWO APPROACHES, ONE ANSWER — ISSUE 164 Can you say, “Sweet mama- jama?” I can. Twice. And why would I say such things you ask? Probably ‘cuz I’m still riding high after a Sunday great morning. For those involved with my current project, you understand my hype, and I offer you my deepest… Read more →


JUL 18 – JUL 24 2010 — 2NDARY — ISSUE 163 Determined Pup Climbs Tree To Reach Toy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the headlines on Yahoo news right now. That is one of the hottest topics out there at this very moment, as voted on by readers. When I’m done with this week’s ‘C, I’m going… Read more →

Peace Of Mind

JUL 11 – JUL 17 2010 — PEACE OF MIND — ISSUE 162 Ladies, gentlemen, and rockers everywhere, Jon Bon Jovi blew out his calf muscle on stage this past weekend. If hair-band leading, anthem-slinging legends like him aren’t impervious to time’s destructive tendencies, what hope do us mere mortals have? We may as well just stay in bed tomorrow… Read more →

A Dangerous Question

JUL 4 – JUL 10 2010 — A DANGEROUS QUESTION — ISSUE 161 The fourth of July is here once more, and all around us are flags, fireworks, and patriotic colors reminding us of the freedom we have in The United States. Freedom is a word that has so many applications and connotations, one could use it as a spring… Read more →