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Valiant Deeds

AUG 29 – SEP 4 2010 — VALIANT DEEDS — ISSUE 169 Guest Author Rob Segovia Surprise Inside This Issue! (It’s pretty obvious, so read on and we’ll talk about it later) It’s an honor to be asked to write a Vitamin C, so thank you, Brett, for entrusting one week to me.  Honestly, I was a little afraid to… Read more →


AUG 22 – AUG 28 2010 — ARTIFICIAL — ISSUE 168 As August wraps up, so too does our fun in the sun. The days are growing shorter and our opportunities to get outside and enjoy warmer weather provided by the sun is slipping away like a sock sneaking out of the laundry. Oh, that wonderful sun, which provides many… Read more →


AUG 15 – AUG 21 2010  — RESTRICTED — ISSUE 167 Totally saw Expendables today. I’m not a fan of people talking about movies in case others haven’t seen them, so I won’t say anymore. However, if you’d like to know my thoughts on it, head over to Review N Chew Category.  You can also head over to Random Web-tacularness… Read more →


“Who sent you?!” barks an angry, and still intimidating despite his age, Steve Austin. Stallone, grasping at the rope being used to cut off circulation to his brain, manages to let out some muffled comment about Austin’s Mother. Steve, being the gracious villain that he is, lays into Stallone’s rib cage as any good thug should in response to such… Read more →

Dodge Is Genius…

… At least in their marketing. Their ability to make good vehicles and financial decisions is still a bit… well… terrible. But, for proof of the former and not the latter, check this out. Here is a commercial by them before PETA got involved. And here’s the commercial again, only after they heard PETA’s anger. > Genius. Absolute Genius. Read more →