Monthly Archives: September 2010

Dirty Dishes

SEP 26 – OCT 2 2010 —  DIRTY DISHES  — ISSUE 173 Let’s talk for a moment about perhaps one of the most well known feuds in the history of cohabitation: dirty dishes. Whether you’re the dish dirtier or the clean freak, you’ve all been on one side of the argument at some point. We know the scenario, one person… Read more →

Self-Seeking Missile

SEP 19 – SEP 25 2010 — SELF-SEEKING MISSILE  — ISSUE 172 “YARGH!” I half muttered as I hung up the phone after a quick conversation with my mother. Why “Yargh?” as my outburst and not something more, well, normal? It’s simple. I was deliberately expressing anguish in a very stereotypical fashion given the day’s significance. See, today is September… Read more →

Our Day To Remember

SEP 12 – SEP 18 2010 — OUR DAY TO REMEMBER — ISSUE 171 It’s interesting. I remember growing up hearing my parents recollect exactly where they were when certain events in history happened. JFK’s assassination was the main one, but moon landings, the Berlin Wall coming down, and other events were well engraved into their memories as well. Folks… Read more →

The Roots Of Faith

SEP 5 – SEP 11 2010 — THE ROOTS OF FAITH  — ISSUE 170 EXPLANATION ABOUT LAST WEEK: As most of you noticed, I wasn’t really around last week. Well, I was, just not as the writer of the ‘C. Why not you ask?(or at least I pretend you’re asking) With last Monday starting a new chapter in my life,… Read more →