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WLJ Finale: Zombies

OCT 31 – NOV 6 2010  — WLJ Finale: ZOMBIES — ISSUE 178 WARNING: This issue is not for the squeamish. (Hence the title) So readers beware. <insert eerie Halloween music and maniacal laughter here> Normally two disciples discussing ministries and their relationship with God is pretty standard at gatherings of the body. Have the female wearing a fake beard,… Read more →

WLJ wk4: Be Like Jesus

OCT 24 – OCT 30 2010  — WLJ week 4: BE LIKE JESUS — ISSUE 177 This month we’ve been rolling through the Gospels, dissecting the life of Christ, and gaining insights regarding His character from an author who had clearly delved deep into who Jesus was, during his ministry back in the early parts of the 1900s. The purpose… Read more →

WLJ wk3: A Little Help Please

OCT 17 – OCT 23 2010 —  WLJ week 3: A LITTLE HELP, PLEASE — ISSUE 176 I don’t know about you, but I’m knee deep in these Gospels, and it is better than laetificants. Or perhaps something more normal sounding for those of you living in Normalville USA. Me? I like living in a land where an author can… Read more →

WLJ wk2: 10-10-10

OCT 10 – OCT 16 2010 —  WLJ week 2: 10-10-10  — ISSUE 175 I’ve done ‘C’s in honor and response to a lot of things over the last few years, but this may be the first I’ve done simply because I couldn’t waste the date. Not the significance of the day, but the numerical alignment itself. Yes, today is… Read more →

WLJ wk 1: Own It

OCT 3 – OCT 9 2010  — WALK LIKE JESUS week 1: OWN IT  — ISSUE 174 Well, ladies and gents, it’s October again, and we all know what that means. No, not baseball playoffs. And it’s not that once-a-year opportunity to justify some hideous outfit you purchased 10 years ago by now calling it a Halloween costume, either. No,… Read more →