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That Son Is Lost Again

NOV 28 – DEC 4 2010 — THAT SON IS LOST AGAIN — ISSUE 182 One of the primary purposes of the ‘C is to get you a reminder (or first notification in some cases) of all things Kingdom related that are happening here in Toledo each week. This week I have no calendars yet, nor was I upstairs to… Read more →

The Taste Buds Of Sin

NOV 21 – NOV 27 2010  — THE TASTE BUDS OF SIN — ISSUE 181 This week we’ll be gathering around tables, more-than-likely ones filled with family and friends, eating out of an over-abundance of food, sharing stories, and hopefully giving thanks for the massive quantities of blessings found in our lives when we just take a moment to get… Read more →


NOV 14 – NOV 20 2010 — FLEXIBLE — ISSUE 180 Kids, here’s a very important lesson about life; READ THE WHOLE SIGN. Don’t just glance at the details on a sign for something you’re attending or planning to attend, or some sign posted on a door you’re about to enter. Read it all. Had I done that today, the… Read more →


NOV 7 – NOV 13 2010 —  GENERATIONS — ISSUE 179 It’s been a while since I’ve sent a ‘C this late (cheers self quietly and pats self on back), but hopefully you’ll allow me some grace since I’ve spent over thirty of the last 72 hours in a van. I spent today teaching my legs how to move again… Read more →