RtD wk2: Frankenstein

JAN 9 – JAN 15 2011 — RtD wk2: FRANKENSTEIN — ISSUE 188

For anyone who was at the super-amazing, mind-blowing, reality-reshaping prayer night (can you tell it was a good time?) you can skip down a paragraph; you’ve already heard the following jokes. For the rest, well you can read on and hope they’re good, or just skip down too. You’ve been warned.

There are two things I learned about driving in a mild snow storm in 15˚ weather on Friday. Number one, freshly baked pizza is a far worse companion in that weather than a car-full of talkative people. Your windows fog up nearly instantaneously, and it’s with a condensation that’s too thick for your ten year-old defroster to compete with. Number two, if you’re going to be driving to an all-night prayer night in a mild snow storm in 15˚ weather, volunteer to bring the food. I felt an overwhelming calm as I trudged along, knowing that even if I was buried in a snow drift for a month, I had enough food in my car to last me and probably even have some chips left over to give my rescuers when they finally dug me out. This is a really good thing because as foggy as my windows were, a ditch was a very real possibility that night.

I know it’s winter, but I’d like to discuss a creature that usually only pops up in October, Frankenstein. Yes, I know Frankenstein is the doctor, not the creature we always call Frankenstein, but Frankenstein’s Monster just sounds… lackluster. So when I say Frankenstein, I mean the creature. Cool?

I believe we’re all familiar Frankenstein, he’s that random gathering of parts and organs sewn together with the world’s worst stitching job (that guy could harness lightening to give life and create a retractable roof, but he couldn’t sew any better than that?), which, thanks to a perfectly timed lightening bolt, is brought to life.


Reality is much different than Frankenstein’s. As science has discovered, adding electricity to parts does nothing more than contort and manipulate them. But that’s probably because life takes more than just “parts and electricity”, it needs God’s breath.

Spiritually speaking, there’s no denying the ugly effects of sin. It tears us apart, our lives apart, even our souls apart. It turns us into nothing more than a random scattering of useless bones, organs, and formally useful appendages. And as we continue in life we feel like some sort of Frankenstein, a monster, a collection of ugly parts which, when sewn together, make nothing more than a lifeless representation of a Christian.

We may try to fix everything, to cover it up, to hide our blemishes and skin grafts, to find electricity to give us life once more. But man’s methods can never do what only God can. Nothing we come up with can remove the terrifying affects of sin and restore us to a state of true living. But God can combine those scattered fragments, regenerate them, fuse them back together, and make something old anew. He can take man’s failure, and make it His triumph. He is the life giver the first time, and so why not the second, third, fifth, and 200th as well? Does His breath have limits? Did He not use dirt the first time, something (seemingly) harder than just combining already sculpted parts? Did He not send His Son to conquer death once and for all?

We are never too separated, too far gone, too beat up, too broken, or too dead for God to sew us back together and infuse life in our bones.


Take the abundant provisions of grace, that electricity, and reign in life once more! Stop being a walking representation of man’s attempt at creation, and become the beautiful achievement God intended.

Brett “I can forgive the bad sewing job, but Frankenstein’s neck-bolts were just plain tacky” Hibbler

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  1. John
    February 2, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Hey Brett,
    Good one. Uplifting despite the pizza. I like those tacky bolts. Makes him (-unique-) < Note bolts on each end of word :)

  2. Diane
    February 2, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    You make my day Brett
    Thank you
    Luv ya

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