RtD wk5: Epitaphs

JAN 30 – FEB 5 2011 —  RtD wk5: EPITAPHS — ISSUE 191

Being in Sturgis all weekend, we obviously didn’t hear about the upcoming weather. Since I’ve been home, however, it’s all I keep hearing about. “Storm of the century! Storm of the millennial! Snowpocalypse continues!” So what does this Snowmageddon potentially bring us? 12-16 inches and some freezing rain. Wow. How scary. Excuse me as I quake in utter fear. As a child in northern Michigan, I used to be able to dig tunnels from the front yard to the back every winter without piling snow up, that’s just how deep it was. 16″? Come on people. Wake me when you get some real winter weather.

Since people are losing their minds and awaiting certain death though, that topic fits perfectly with what I had planned to do this week for the ‘C, which coincidentally, is very similar to what Ryan had us do for a spiritual challenge at the Winter Retreat. For those who weren’t there, this is a great exercise to try if you’ve never done it.

Take a moment to reflect on the person you aspire to become. As Christians, we’re always looking to improve ourselves, changing and growing to become more like Christ. But what is your ultimate goal? What do you want the final outcome to be? If you could read your own epitaph at the grave site, what would you want it to say? Take a moment to write one down.

Now take some time to reflect on who you are right now. Think about the life you’re living, the wake you’re leaving behind as you forge ahead each and every day. If you died tomorrow, what would your current epitaph say? Would it in any way resemble the one you’re striving toward?

If the answer is no, then you know what you have to do. If the answer is yes, then perseverance is in order, or perhaps a new goal, a loftier standard, and a mightier legacy can be aimed for.

Some of the most life changing questions we can ask as we go to bed each and every night revolve around personal reflection. Will you regret how you lived today? Do you want to look back and regret not starting sooner, not changing something more radically, not fighting for what you know is true? Don’t reflect on today and realize you’re just wasting time away and letting the precious gift of life be squandered on meaningless actives and worries. Stand up and start living. Let your epitaph be one of legend.


Brett “16” of snow is nothing; I eat bowls of cereal deeper than 16 inches” Hibbler