Confident Deferral


Things that don’t make good shovels: tablespoons, iPods, ice scrapers, empty dvd cases, old cds, TMNT action figures with arm-sling action, your left shoe, pillow cases, or bare hands.

Things that do make good shovels: shovels.

And that, ladies and gents, is where I went wrong; not having a shovel. One minute you’re thinking, “I live in a townhouse, what do I need a shovel for?” Then the next you’re wading through 46″ of snow, digging your tires out with an ice scraper that suddenly seems as useful as a baby spoon being used to feed a blue whale, and all at once you think, “Oh, yeah. For days like this.” I do hope your adventures in our winter wonderland have been better, or that you at least own a shovel, and while we’re warming up inside, let’s talk about Christ. In continuing through the book of John, I came across this statement by Him right after He’s been taken captive by the High Priests.

JOHN 18:19-21

If you were standing on trial, your life on the line, authorities are throwing insults and accusations at you, and you know they’re looking for any reason at all to put you six feet under, and you’re suddenly given a chance to defend yourself, to justify, clarify, or expound on anything you’ve said or done, how do you respond? Do you quake in silence? Do you restate everything you’ve said before? Do you change what you’ve said, toning it down or restating it in a much more politically correct way with the hopes of diffusing their anger and giving yourself better odds of surviving? Or do you let others speak for you?

Of all the solutions, I don’t know that with my life on the line I could stand back and let the masses speak for me, especially if I know not all of them like me. Plus, people have a tendency to misquote, misunderstand, misinterpret, or paraphrase while dropping out sometimes important details, and that’s not the kind of testimony I’d want at that moment when it’s for all the marbles. But Jesus, He never was one to take the normal approach. He decides in that volatile time to put His life in the hands of those He’s been sharing it with for the last three years. He was so confident in His actions, His teachings, and how well He’d followed God’s will and plan for Himself, that there was no hesitation in stepping aside and letting His life speak for Him. No new defense, no second guessing, no “clarifying.”

How about you? If your life was depending on how you’re living at this moment, on the people you interact with at school, at work, at church, or when you’re with your family, what would they say? Would you be so confident, you could let their testimonies stand alone?

Let’s be men and women like Christ. Let’s be so closely tied to God’s will and so much like Jesus that we too have no need to defend ourselves, instead being able to rely on those around us to relay our message loud and clear.

Brett “If I starch my socks, could I carve them into a shovel?” Hibbler