It’s Alive!!!!


How goes it, folks? It’s been a very, very  long time since I’ve posted anything of any sort online. Yet, it sort of feels like yesterday when I last did… How is it a year can pass and it feels as if I’ve stood in line at a grocery store for longer spans?

Another thing to note? Every time I disappear for a long stint, when I come back I think I reference being alive… I could check that but my hands are too frozen to care right now. No, I’m not typing from outside, or even a moving car with a bad heater. I’m typing from my desk, in my house, with the furnace running fine. The problem is that my computer is next to a window, it’s 1˚ outside (seriously), and the plastic I have covering the window is apparently not thick enough to stop nature’s ice-cold backhand that’s currently slapping me dumb and choking the dexterity out of my fingers. So, rather than pouring hot chocolate directly on my hands in order to feel them, I’ll keep this brief.

The reason for my writing is simply to notify the world my site is finally redone and ready for the fancy-schmancy new internet. HTML5 ready? Yep. Responsive? Yep. Mobile ready? Bet your sweet bippy.  And best of all? It’s totally free for you. Unfortunately, at the rate I update my site for new HTML advancements, this could be the last revision before the internet itself goes extinct. So enjoy it while you can ‘cuz, you know, it’s actually not going anywhere. Possibly ever.

Brett “Can I borrow someone’s unnumb hand, I can’t brush my teeth” Hibbler