Leesa Mattress — A Well Crafted Hug Of Pain


So, I recently tried out a Leesa Mattress. Below is the review I provided them upon their request for their site. Hopefully it’s helpful if you happen to be in the mattress market.


My Context:
I know for me, I appreciate a little bit of context regarding my reviewer. So, if it helps, here we go… Prior to getting my Leesa, I was sleeping on a generic, spring mattress I’d had for well over a decade. I’m a whopping 5’5” and 136lbs, so you couldn’t really tell I’d used it much, but after many nights of sleeping like a parent with a new born child, complete with the baggy eyes, drool stains on my keyboard at work, and driving-induced naps, but no actual child to blame (rejoice over?), I finally decided it was time for a new mattress.

Why I Decided On Leesa:
The world of anonymous online reviewers seemed more appealing to me than pretending to sleep on a broken-in mattress while a sales person and whomever else was in the store stared at me until I felt pressured into taking one I’d regret but couldn’t actually return because of some absurd clause. So, that’s how I found Leesa. Lots of great reviews (even by someone in my weight-range), the easy to nav. site, and a price point that fit my frugal (cheap) budget had my interest. Though tempting, the 2-3k wonder beds out there made promises I doubt they could keep, (I’ve never slept on a cloud, but I’m fairly certain their beds wouldn’t feel that way) and Leesa offered a coupon  — the kyrptonite of cheapskates — while offering free returns, so I figured I had nothing to lose. (Except more sleep, but I wasn’t getting that anyways.)

The Result:
The ordering process was prompt, it shipped within a week of ordering it, and arrived about 3 days later. I then, like so many others, stood with a dumb look on my face as I watched this tiny, rolled mattress become a towering mass of potential comfort, twice as thick as my previous one. That alone almost made it worth the buy. (Almost.) It was a really well crafted mattress, as aesthetically pleasing as advertised, and upon initial lie it felt really great.

Now here’s the part where I’d like to be super flattering and give a rave review. But to be perfectly frank, the first night was a train wreck. I woke up feeling like I’d been the one slept on, not the other way around. However, I was told since this mattress was firmer than my previous and I’d been on my other for so long, my body needed time to adjust. More anonymous online postings reaffirmed this, saying my body has load points, and they were now changing, so I had to wait for my muscles (which I didn’t know I still had after having a desk job for so long), needed time to change. So I pushed on, as should you.

After two weeks I had developed a continual low-grade headache — which I never get, so this was not something I am accustomed to and was quite the baby about. I also had some occasional shooting pains in my leg (also new), and while mowing the lawn one of my arms fell asleep. Maybe that’s normal for some, but not for me.  I was still optimistic, though, that my body was being stubborn and if I kept going for at least the 30 days, I would eventually find myself feeling that gentle “hug” those anonymous people chirped about and not the body-punching I’d endured so far.

After 35 nights and some occasional naps, I had to quit. I had tried various pillows, no pillow, different sleep positions, extra foam, and looking for other mod-options online, but to no avail. Maybe my body really will adjust at some point, but the headaches were persisting and I was still waking up frequently during the night, just as I did on my previous mattress. That meant I still looked like poo, but was now also feeling like it too. Not exactly the outcome I’d hoped for, nor the one I think Leesa aims to achieve.

So, I’m sorry to say, though I know Leesa’s had great success stories, it would seem I am immune to the awesomeness. No complaints on service or quality, it’s just not a good fit for my body apparently. Now it’s back to the vast and seedy underworld of mattress shopping for me. Hopefully it ends differently for you.

Brett “That was the gentlest beat down I’ve ever endured” Hibbler