About The ‘C


The Vitamin C is a weekly E-Letter, initially started to keep people in my ministry informed of what was going on. I adapted the idea from our former Single’s Ministry leader who sent a similar email. When he left Toledo, (having the misfortune of getting an amazing job in Hawaii, the poor guy), I took over the ministry. I decided to keep it going, only under the guise of a different name. The ‘C has taken on many forms and styles, but over 100 issues later, I feel it has definitely found its footing.

I have a passion for God’s word and love to share insights, thoughts, comments, and personal challenges I get from reading His amazing book. And if they in anyway help others get more from their walk, then praise God for using me. The Vitamin C became my number one outlet for those scribblings, which threatened to burry me alive, (they were often written on sticky notes that covered my desk and wall), and I’ve decided to bring it to a whole new audience.

Please don’t hesitate to let fly any feedback, thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns that you have for me. Just let me know if I need to duck.

Brett “Can vitamins sue people? If so, I’m in trouble” Hibbler

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