Why 1 Last Shot? You could say it’s the motto I’ve tried so hard to follow, yet, ironically, failed in so many ways to achieve. Every day I get up with the intent of making it one to remember, embracing the moments as if they were my last. But on many days I find myself falling victim to the same mentality that plagues so many of us; “I always have tomorrow.” Complacency and procrastination run amok where diligence and urgency should reign, resulting in years of wasted time. Well, maybe not wasted, but poorly used. I haven’t been completely blowing off life, I just haven’t focused on any one thing for very long, resulting in a lot of half finished projects.  In fact, the reason my temporary site has a sticky note theme is because I often write my never ending To Do lists on them. The problem is that I fill them so fast, adding far more than I remove, I usually need sticky notes for my sticky notes. Not exactly the lifestyle of a guy “living it as if it is his last.”

The site is a reminder, though, of how I want to live. Some days I’m wildly successful. Others it’s an epic failure. But every morning, as the cobwebs clear and my mind focuses on the day ahead, I know I have at least one more to try again. So here’s to today. May everything we do be as if it’s our last chance to leave a lasting impression on the world.

Brett “My Last Shot” Hibbler

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