RtD wk3: Pride Or Pity?

JAN 16 – JAN 22 2011 — RtD wk3: PRIDE OR PITY — ISSUE 189 Sunday I laughed in the collective faces of old age, stretching, and “rust.” Why you ask? Well let me tell you since you’re so interested. Saturday I went ice skating for the first time in a few years, and probably only the 9th or 10th… Read more →

RtD wk2: Frankenstein

JAN 9 – JAN 15 2011 — RtD wk2: FRANKENSTEIN — ISSUE 188 For anyone who was at the super-amazing, mind-blowing, reality-reshaping prayer night (can you tell it was a good time?) you can skip down a paragraph; you’ve already heard the following jokes. For the rest, well you can read on and hope they’re good, or just skip down… Read more →

Raise The Dead

JAN 2 – JAN 8 2011 — RAISE THE DEAD — ISSUE 187 Not sure what was a better start to the new year, seeing a crazy Discovery Channel special called “Rise of the Jellyfish” which convincingly instilled fear in me regarding those crazy, boneless, bloodless monsters of the deep (I’ll never swim again. Ever.); or the 30 seconds of… Read more →

The 2010 Year-Ender

DEC 26 2010 – Jan 1 2011 — THE 2010 YEAR-ENDER — ISSUE 186 In five days 2011 begins. That means you have less than 120 hours to accomplish all those goals you set for yourself back at the end of 2009. Or I guess you could leave the country so no one can hold you accountable for not accomplishing… Read more →

Be A Scrooge

DEC 19 – DEC 25 2010 — BE A SCROOGE — ISSUE 185 Tis the season for the return of some familiar holiday characters. Santa (obviously) and his army of elves and reindeer, the Grinch and those energetic Whos, Frosty and his hat, Charlie Brown and gang, and good ‘ol Ebeneezer Scrooge. Of all the characters that come out during… Read more →

That Sinking Feeling…

DEC 12 – DEC 18 2010 — THAT SINKING FEELING… — ISSUE 184 Guest Author Randall Laraway As I stated not-so-long ago — which, as fast as times moves anymore, could have been three years, two weeks, and four days ago and it would still seem as fresh as our first look in the mirror after having our braces removed… Read more →