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RtD wk4: Soul Guard

JAN 23 – JAN 29 2011 — RtD wk4: SOUL GUARD — ISSUE 190 A few days ago, I discovered  my car had been encased in a block of ice. (Either that or someone replaced my car windows with that bizarre frosted bathroom glass as an early April Fool’s Joke). As I chiseled and chiseled and chiseled and chiseled and… Read more →

RtD wk2: Frankenstein

JAN 9 – JAN 15 2011 — RtD wk2: FRANKENSTEIN — ISSUE 188 For anyone who was at the super-amazing, mind-blowing, reality-reshaping prayer night (can you tell it was a good time?) you can skip down a paragraph; you’ve already heard the following jokes. For the rest, well you can read on and hope they’re good, or just skip down… Read more →