Better Than 3D

So… video is real life, yet 3D is better than real life because it's "more" real than real? Then I guess these videos are not better than real since they're just real and that's it. Confused? Me too. Feel free to distract your mind with the following videos…

Please note: Each screen grab takes you to my private YouTube page where the linked video will play.


I was asked to help conceptualize, write, shoot, and edit a video to spread the word about the deep need for Godly men and women in Toledo OH to rise up. With the help of some men and women in my church, this is what we created.



In the summer of 2009, I entered a contest for our local FOX affiliate to be a PR rep of sorts. The person would spend a year doing commercials, promos, and hosting events for FOX, promoting the network, the local news crew, and various other charities and events. To enter you had to either do a live audition, giving a short plea to voters to pick you, and to answer questions by the judges. Or you had to submit a video, no longer than 1:30 seconds long, showing why you should be the "Next Face of FOX". Above is my initial submission, a director's cut of it, and my submission the following year.


Call Me... Maybe?

Woohoo! You get to talk to me! Just not on the phone yet. What? I have telamarketing fears... Please click below to send me an email. Then, once I know you are in fact a human person, we can chat it up like old high school friends. Oh wait, they use Facebook and don't really talk, they just sort of look at each other's stuff like friendly stalkers... So maybe we'll chat like people in the 90s?